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Our services

Funeral Service

Serious, fast and quality transport to respect and honor the last journey of the deceased.

International Ambulatory Service

Transport of patients throughout Europe. Professional medical staff.Emergency available.

Legal Documentation

Arrangement of necessary documentation. Allow us to deal with the relevant documents in all the necessary institutions.

“Universal”Funeral “Universal”

– Agency “Universal” –

We specialize in providing professional, fast and accurate services:
– 44 Countries covered by International Shipping.
– 20+ Years of Experience.
– 1000 + Order Flowers.
– 700 + Funeral Ceremony.
“Universal” Funeral carries out the transportation of the deceased from all over Europe to the place of birth. Professional staff and several years of experience in these services.

“Universal”Funeral “Universal”

Funeral “Universal” with an office in Tirana and associates in Europe offers professional and fast services to all Albanians.
We enable you to:
1. International Funeral Service;
2. International Outpatient Service;
3. VIP services;
2. Marble works;
3. Bouquet and Crown;
4. Restaurant Services;
5. Legal Documentation.

— Transportin e të ndjerit nga e gjithë Europa.
— Staf profesionist. Mbi 20 Vite Eksperiencë.
— 24 orë në dispozicionin tuaj.
Jemi këtu për t’ju ofruar ngushëllim në çdo moment me shërbimet tona.